The WSJ2015 Opening Ceremony was the first time that all the Scouts came together and I was amazed but the size of us.

Just a few of us

Just a few Scouts

I’ve done a fare amount of travel and seen some amazing places but nothing can compare to the electricity and excitement from everyone in the crowd. Including me 🙂


For me the next 11 days almost blurred into one, with a maximum of 6 hours sleep each night (i usually function on 9 hours), 45minute wait in line for food and a minimum temperature of 29 degrees there were a lot of people running on 10%.

A quite night in the dining hall

A quite night in the dining hall

Water being trucked in by the Japanese Army

Water being trucked in by the Japanese Army

The Better World tent alone went through 20, 19L water bottles a day I would hate to think the amount of water that was coming onto site was. I know that we defiantly made a massive impact on the Yamaguchi Province’s resources.

0400 wake ups to helps out at one of the Sub Camp Food Distribution Centre

0400 wake ups to helps out at one of the Sub Camp Food Distribution Centre

A few mornings during WSJ we were up bright and early, 0400, to help out the Food Distribution teams at various Sub Camps Hubs. Blurry eyed scouts had to line up at 6am to collect all their food for the day, every day. Towards the end of WSJ most of them were walking in zombified and delirious.

One of the busiest days for me was the Launch of the World Scouting – UNESCO World Heritage Recognition Initiative Program. The initiative aims to empower young people, particularly Scouts, to preserve and promote World Heritage sites through the framework of the Scouts of the World Award (SWA) Programme.
Through the initiative, Scouts and non-Scouts (aged between 15–26) who succeed in completing their SWA project at one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites will receive a World Scouting-UNESCO World Heritage Recognition badge, Patrimonito-Scout Badge, and certificate. They will also be encouraged to develop Scout Heritage stories to inspire Scouts and other young people to protect their cultural and natural heritage.
The initiative hopes to raise awareness and mobilise young Scouts and non-Scouts to participate in World Heritage preservation and promotion; to promote active citizenship and help strengthen synergies among young people and their local communities. For me it was the first official presentation that I was to give in my position and there were a lot of very important people there, making me a little nervous;  World Scout Committee Chairperson, João Armando Gonçalves, World Scout Committee Vice-Chairperson and Messengers of Peace Liaison person, Jemima Nartey, World Scout Committee Member and Jamboree Director, Mari Nakano, WOSM Secretary General, Scott A. Teare, and the Focal Point for UNESCO World Heritage, Carméla Quin.


Even with the launch activity being stuck at Japanese Customs and the Scouts of the world Award (SWAward) Guidelines being lost on site the launch wen of without a problem for those invited.

That evening I also ran a SW Award Reunion.  Any awardee that was on the WSJ site was invited to join us in the Better World tent for refreshments and to network with other awardees from around the world.  It also gave me a chance to gather some stories to enhance the SW Award network.


Apart form the launch there where were two highlights for me at the WSJ the first was being part of the WOSM Better World Tent team and the other was the International Peace Forum in Nagasaki.

As you may have seen in my post Preparing for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree  there was a lot of work that went into the set up for the WOSM Better World tent to make it as appealing to the Scouts as possible.  Bright coloured carpet, Exciting entrance ways and lots of images and inspiration. But what I haven’t spoke about yet are the people.  We had WSB staff, representatives from all WOSM Regions, WOSM Committee Members and Youth Advisors ,  IST’s from around the world, World MootJota-JotiWorld Scout Shop, KISC, The Goals, KAICIID, Green Star and U-Report.  We also have the three World Scout Programs which are the pinnacle for the Better World initiative; Scouts of the World Award (SWAward), Messengers of Peace (MoP) and the World Scout Environment Program (WSEP).


The energy and enthusiasm that everyone in the tent brought to work each day made the Better World tent a magical place to work in. Everyone in the tent came together a little unsure of what to expect and by working together it was a massive success.

Coming together is a beginning

Keeping together is progress

Working together is success

– Henry Ford



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