So I’ m only a bit over 1 month late in posting this after I got back home but as they say, better late then never.

Well you didn’t have to look very hard to see something was going on when we landed in Osaka, Japan.


We had survived the freezing flight from Kuala Lumpur to Osaka (I even caved and paid to rent a blanket) but then came the challenge;  the long drive from Osaka to Yamaguchi. Yep 5.5 hours plus coffee breaks. Shinkansen- ing it back definitely!!

Osaka - Yamaguchi

We arrived at Shin-Yamaguchi Station (the heart of Shin-Yamaguchi) at 2230 and all I wanted to do was collapse into bed.  But it was Meeting – Eating – Driving – Sleeping.  As the WSJ201 Site was not open until the next day we had to find a hotel to stay in for a night before we could move onto site.

The next morning I was on greeting duty at the Shin-Yamaguchi Station, essentially it was playing “Wheres Wally” where Wally was anyone who looked Scouty and not Japanese, every time the Shinkansen came into the station and 500 or so people rushed off.


Well lets just say that I was never very good at “Where’s Wally” cos I missed everyone that I was meant to be greeting, saw lots of Scouts, but not the correct ones.

So that afternoon the all the greeting parties were dispersed and I got to finally set foot on the WSJ2015 site.

Drum Roll please….


I couldn’t wait to get out of the car…hence the appalling photo quality. 36 hours after leaving Kuala Lumpur I had finally made it on site.  Yay I felt like a kid at … the World Scout Jamboree!!

The WOSM Better World tent was the first stop and it was bigger than I had visualised.  But with a blank canvas aka an empty white marque I couldn’t wait for the other WOSM team to arrive and then the IST’s.

The first few day for me was getting everyone else checked in; WOSM, JDT and IST.  And then it was go time..,


One day just a bit of cardboard arrived.  I think everyones eyes were boggling out of their head at the piles.


But with the brilliant hard working team that we had it did’t take long for those pile to turn into something beautiful, something that I’m so proud to have been a part of.


Oh and I forgot to mention that these people have take time off from their everyday work to spend 2 weeks in 40 degree heat with 85% humidity to give Scouts from 140 countries around the work the time of their life.


The calm before the storm

And then it was go time.  1000 Scouts each day cam through our doors to learn about Creating a Better World, not that the knew it was learning.




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