Its the 3rd of April 2015 and the 23rd World Scout Jamboree is the hot topic in the office.  A few colleagues  have just go back into the office after a trip to Japan for the second heads of contingent meeting.  Along with their suitcases directly off the flight there was official 23rd World Scout Jamboree biscuits.


The Japanese don’t do things by halves.  Just like any other world event there is a lot of time and effort put into running an event this size and combined with the Japanese culture.

I was a bit late to join the WSJ2015 party as I only found out that I would be going a few months before the event. But on the 18th of May my AirAsiaX flights were booked Yay ( i think) and I was super excited about going to the WSJ2015 as part of the Purple Army (WOSM) but a little nervous that I would arrive there alive on AirAsiaX (Spoiler:  I did arrive alive AND I back also).

The idea of the WOSM Better World Tent was conceptualised by the amazingly talented team at the WSB in KL. There was no better way to show how the Three World programs and different areas that make up World Scouting working together in the super colourful energy filled tent. The physical size of the tent was much bigger that anything that WOSM had attempted in past WSJ and the imagination and passion was extraordinary.  It was so much fun being part of the discussion of how the cube idea would materialise and how to make the whole tent more colouful and attractive for the Scouts.

Better World Tent Concept

When you mention that you can use Adobe Design Suite, you suddenly become very busy 1 week before printing deadlines.  The office was buzzing with WSJ2015 preparations when I got back and there was still printing that needed to be done before we left on the 19th of August. The 6 last minute jobs that I had finished before leaving for my tip back to Melbourne had now doubled. Banners, posters, name plates, memory card and board games galore were designed and printed just over a week before WSJ2015 was due to have 40,000 Scouts flood through the gates. Shipments were sent and packages distributed to WSB staff to take with them in their personal luggage.

2 days before leaving my 0105 departure turned into a 0505 departure not exactly a great way to start a trip off, especially a trip as intense as the WSJ2015 will be. But we made it. 0200 19 August was the start of the massive Japanese adventure…little did i know how intense,  rewarding and memorable it was going to be.




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