I’ve never been one to appreciate christian celebrations.  My mother however loves them.  At home we have boxes of Christmas decorations and Easter ones to that take up half a double wardrobe.  This year she bought a heap of new Easter decorations the weirdest being a life sized, life like ceramic bunny rabbit. I thought it was creepy and weird (still kinda do) but now I feel like I’m missing out.


I thought this Easter was going to come and go unnoticed by me until I got a very welcomed invitation to Easter Sunday Lunch/Dinner…Dunch. Lunch –> Linner –> Dunch –> Dinner

Sunday morning was filled with being a tourist and the afternoon at Scott’s house for Dunch. There was 11 of us that came together to celebrate Easter together. It was a fusion of Malaysian, Portuguese and Texan (america) food.

I was very excited that there was even chocolate rabbits in a sweet little basket and we were treated with a red velvet Easter cake.


Such a great way to spend an Easter with new friends, that I had thought I was going to miss.

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