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15 days the time I had between accepting the Bureau’s offer and getting on my flight.

If I’d had more time I think I would have overwhelmed myself with everything that could have been done. It was a whirlwind of activity. I spent a whole day filling out and signing forms; visa, health insurance, personal details and contracts. All I can say is that I’m grateful that the Bureau is sorting out an apartment for me that feel all to hard to comprehend.  I was out every night trying to see as many people as I could before I left while fitting in my usual monthly meetings.

I spent the first weekend at Anglesea running EnviRoVent Environment camp.  It was great to be able to focus on now.  Run a program that I had control over, it was grounding and just what I needed.  Once back it was the usually camp clean up, washing the car and clothes that were then going to be packed to take away.

Just when I thought I was getting my head around the move I got an email:

Dear Caitlin,

Do you need a Visa to France?

We might need to travel together to France right after you arrive around 6 April.

No I don’t need a visa but a little more information would help; why are we going? for how long? what are we doing?  My flights for this trip were booked to Paris before any of those questions were answered.

Finally 3 days before I was leaving most of my questions were answered I had a face-to-face (skype) meeting.

I’d be staying in a Hotel across the road from the office until I got back from Paris on the 13th and I would be met at the airport and taken out to dinner on my first night. From the 2nd to the 5th I would take part in a Messenger of Peace (MoP) workshop before flying to Paris on the 6th. In Paris we would be going to meet with the French Scouts, visit the participants at Agora2015 which is being held at Jambville, have a meeting with UNESCO and finally meet with the working group for Scouts of the World Award (SWA). The last time I traveled to Paris was for a work event and I thought that was jam-packed, this visit is going to the crazy busy.

Feeling slightly more in-control now I was able to enjoy the last few days before I left.  Having friends and family around on the Friday before I left, some I hadn’t see or spoken to for months topped it all off.

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