Here is the script for one of my shortlisted tasks (i couldn’t work out how to upload the video [ good for me ])

Hi I’m Caitlin Wood and I’m very excited to have been shortlisted for the Scouts of the World award internship.   This is my response to the question “How can we motivate young people to be active citizens and contribute positively to create a better world around them?”

Everyone is different and that is the first point one must acknowledge. People come from different backgrounds and have different priorities in life. Some people’s ultimate goal may be to become a doctor or an army officer and others could be to take on the families’ farm or open their own bakery.

Young people do share this goal of creating a better world around them and evidence suggests that they are keen to be given the opportunities to realise it.

We must listen to them, find their passion and assist them to develop it, rather than creating our own agenda and expecting them to be interested. Let them have their say. Show them the opportunities that exist and allow them to explore them at their own pace.

Break down the problems or tasks; make them achievable. It’s not that youth don’t want to contribute in positives ways. Creating a better world is a huge and daunting task. How does anyone know where to start? Let them know that they don’t have to solve everything right now, small steps lead to positive and legitimate change.

Be positive and supportive. Congratulate young people on the good work that they have done, give them positive incentives to keep them motivated and on track.

In summary, we need to acknowledge that everyone is different, listen to the young, listen to their passions and finally allow them to explore at their own pace so they can manage the tasks before them. That is exactly what Scouts of the World Award is all about; Exploring, responding and taking action before contributing service to make a difference in the world.

Thanks and I hope to see you soon in Kuala Lumpur.

One thought on ““How can we motivate young people…

  1. Great post Caitlin. What a fantastic opportunity you have at the moment! I think when it comes to motivating young people you’re quite right about needing to listen and understand what intrinsic interests young people have – however sometimes I find that the difficult part comes when trying to motivate people to execute change – whilst the passion for a certain outcome is there, often the passion for the long and often boring steps to get to that outcome is not… how do we motivate young people to get involved beyond the idea or vision? Looking forward to reading more about your next 6 months! Take care, Kaz


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